SCA senesc


The Seneschal is the business head of the branch. They sign contracts, ensure things are done according to law, and coordinate the efforts of other officers.

Thorwulf Bjornsson

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          Aurelia Saturnina

SCA excheq

Chancellor of the Exchequer

Treasurer, responsible for the financial stuff.

Jocasta Sinclair

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SCA marshall

Branch Marshal

Oversees/coordinates all Combat activities; Heavy, Rapier, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Cut N Thrust, Youth Combat, et al.

Taranis Darius Bolverka

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Archery Marshal

Oversees/coordinates Archery activities


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Thrown Weapons Deputy

Oversees/Coordinates Thrown Weapons activities

Sebastion Solenae

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Besides producing the branch newsletter, the branch chroniclers are responsible for keeping minutes of the branch business meetings and keeping a history of their branch.

Taranis Darius

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SCA webmaster

Web Minister

Maintains the online presence of the branch

Aryan The Blind

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