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Getting Your Heraldry On (Silk Painting)

Teacher: Archos Aline de Seez
Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm
Cost: $10.00
Have you ever wanted to have one of those fluttery banners, bravely flying over your encampment?
But painting silk seems so very scary.
Well in my quest to have people “Get their Heraldry On” I am offering a simple introduction to painting silk. We will also cover period banners.
Students should bring a simple design to paint approx 8″x8″. (Not too detailed). If you have a device then perhaps bring one element of it to use. We will be painting a 10″x10″ silk square. (I will be supplying the pre-framed silk square, dyes and resists for you to use) If you have watercolor brushes (or finely pointed brushes) then please bring them.

Intro to Marshalling

Teacher: Ragnvald Nohair
Time: 10:00 – 12:00
Cost: Free
Requirements to be an SCA Marchall including equipment,
safety, and other various considerations.
To assist individuals in understanding the roles and responsibilities of Marshals.
To help you understand how to assist others with basic instruction.
Although this class is primarily directed towards thrown weapons, I will address the marshaling of other disciplines should there be an interest.

Japanese Braiding on a Marudai (Kumihimo)

Teacher: John MacAndrew
Time: TBA (please indicate interest as we will be trying to not conflict with the heavy tourney for this class)
Cost: $5.00
Students will learn how to set up a Marudai for Japanese braiding and we will cover a number of simple braids.
Students are asked to bring perle cotton or wool for braiding although some will be available from the instructor.
NOTE: Cost of class does not include bobbin weights. The purchase price for bobbin weights is $1.50 each. You will need eight.