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The Archery competition will be a 115 yard clout shoot.
6 ends of 6 arrows each


Thrown Weapons

Thrown Weapons range will be open all day Saturday so that scores may be collected when personal schedules allow.
Winner will be determined by a final shootout of the top scorers later in the day.


Format to be Determined


Format to be Determined


Here Ye Here Ye, The competition for Bardic will be a poem, 100 words or less, free form, retelling the greatest tragedy, triumph, or comedy that the society has known in the last 364 days. Play with your prose, Twist your tongue, and sharpen your stylus!

Fjordland Four Largesse contest

Enter 4 items that are fibre themed… (four items would consist of 4 pairs of socks rather than simply 4 socks). All entries will be judged by populace vote. Winner receives one of each item. Remaining items will go into the Fjordland Shire largesse coffers.
You can enter multiple times and we encourage mail-in entries as well, but please ensure you allow sufficient time for postage unless using SCA Post! Please contact either Maminka the Bohemian or Maralyn Hansen should you need any more info…

Arts & Sciences

A fantastic, fibre themed A&S competition will be held at this year’s Fjordland Rising. Become comfortable with presentation and A&S by entering this awesome, laid back, fun competition. All items must be related to fibre in some way, shape, or form. You are encouraged to be creative!

The winner will be determined by cumulative points that will consist of the following:
10 points for entering
1st place: 20 points, 2nd place 15 points, and 3rd place 10 points
DOCUMENTATION IS NOT REQUIRED… however, a one page document (e-z doc, see links below) will give a person 5 points
Additional good historical documentation with multiple pages will garner 10-15 points
Bonus points from 5 – 20 will be designated by the judges according to your presentation (ie: knowledge of your entry, display, etc)

Please contact Maminka the Bohemian in advance of the date to let her know #1 that you are entering, #2 what you are entering. This is simply to ensure we have enough judges in place so please do not panic.

Link to the E-Z Doc: