Fjordland’s loaner library. Carefully maintained by Gwenyn.
Please email her if you have any questions, need suggestions, or would like to sign out any material.

knights in armour

Knights in Armor
by Shirley Glubok
-on loan-

roman war machine

The Roman War Machine
by John Peddie
-on loan-

leathercraft book

The Leathercraft Book
by Pat Hills
with Joan Wiener
-on loan-


by Julian Franklyn
-on loan-

SCA Heraldic Contents

SCA Heraldic Contents
-on loan-

medieval tournamen

The Medieval Tournament
by R. Coltman Clephan
-on loan-

arabi design

Arabic Designs
Booklet & CD
by Gregory Mirow
and others
-on loan-

draw celtic design

Draw Your Own Celtic Designs
by David James
with Victor Gonzalez
-on loan-

mandalas of the celts

Mandalas of the Celts
by Klaus Holitzka
-on loan-

celtic designs

The Complete Book of Celtic Designs
by Search Press
-on loan-

medieval illustrations

Ready To Use Medieval Illustrations
by Maggie Kate
-on loan-

decorative patterns

3,000 Decorative Patterns of the Ancient World
by Flinders Petrie
-on loan-

the vikings

The Vikings:
A History
by Robert Ferguson
-on loan-

saxons vikings celts

Saxons, Vikings, and Celts:
The Genetic Roots of Britain and Ireland
by Bryan Sykes
-on loan-

art society britain

Art and Society
in Roman Britain
by Jennifer Laing
-on loan-

the quiet bard

The Quiet Bard:
An Tir Folk Tales, Poems, and Other Writings
by Eilidh nic Karaine, Wordweaver
-on loan-

latigo leather

Latigo Leather:
Step By Step Pictorial Instructions
by Herb Genfan and Lyn Taetzsch
-on loan-

rome of the caesers

Rome of the Caesers
by Leonardo B. Dal Maso
-on loan-

the celts

The Celts
by Duncan Norton-Taylor
-on loan-

pleyn delit

Pleyn Delit:
Medieval Cookery for Modern Cooks
by Constance B. Hieatt and Sharon Butler
-on loan-

laws of an tir

The Laws of the Kingdom of An Tir (July 2009)
by SCA Corporate
-on loan-

known worlde handbook

The Known World Handbook
A Compendium of SCA Information, Traditions, and Crafts Practiced
3rd Edition
-on loan-


Knights, Sieges, Jousts, Chivalry, Feasts
by Philip Steele
-on loan-

step into roman empire

Step Into The Roman Empire
by Philip Steele
-on loan-