Greetings and Welcome to the Shire of Fjordland online!

The Shire of Fjordland is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism; an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the customs, combat and courtesy of the Middle Ages.

Our Shire is located on the Sunshine Coast of BC, encompassing all areas from Langdale to Earl’s Cove.

For more information about us, please check out our Newcomer’s page, or contact our Chatelaine – the person responsible for helping newcomers get started and be involved.


Coming Events


October 17, 2016

Monthly Council Meeting

7pm at the Tim Horton’s in Gibsons

All players who reside in Fjordland are welcome to participate in the meeting; only officers and presenters need RSVP. See you there!

PS – Additions to the agenda can be sent until noon on meeting days.

OFFICERS: please send your reports to seneschal@fjordland.tirrigh.org and chronicler@fjordland.tirrigh.org NO LATER than the Friday before Council Meeting

Positions Open!!

The following Officer positions are Open, and we are accepting applications. Please submit your interest to the Seneschal seneschal@fjordland.tirrigh.org


SCA excheq

The Treasurer of the group is known as the Exchequer in the SCA.
The office of Exchequer is one of the main offices that is needed to be a group in the SCA; whether that group be Kingdom, Principality, Barony, Shire, or Canton. It is one of the most important positions along with the Seneschal. The Exchequer is in charge of all things financial and the head of the Financial Committee. That person, along with the Seneschal and the rest of the Financial Committee, help steer the group down the path of good financial health.



Thrown Weapons Deputy

As a Deputy to the Archery Marshal, Thrown Weapon Officers are responsible for ensuring that thrown weapon activities occur safely in their branch. Branch officers are responsible for making sure that scores shot or thrown in their branch are turned in to the appropriate person within 30 days.













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